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EDC Vegas: Everything Needed To Roll


With one of the country’s biggest EDM festivals coming to a close early this morning there is a huge buzz surrounding the happenings at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival. Traffic getting to the event was horrendous, beer was expensive and parking was near impossible, however after speaking to several attendees the bass was extra loud and the DJ’s threw down some of the most memorable sets of their careers. Oh, and of course the molly was on point!

Compared to previous years, there was only one reported death, the cause of which was inconclusive by coroner reports. The increase in molly education has helped the overall rave scene and community. People rolling responsibly are help keeping events like EDC Vegas a positive and safe environment to roll in. With 134,000 attendees this year there was bound to be plenty of molly especially since the first day had at least 19 people arrested, all narcotic related. Additionally the organizers of the electric music festival stated that 72 people were ejected.

For the younger generation, it is mainly about the music and the magnet to an event like EDC is the whole experience. The carnival, costumes, lights and insane fixtures found all throughout the festival make it a fully enhanced experience for everyone rolling on legit molly.

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