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MDMA Test Kit

200+ Tests Only $14.99

Unlike various other MDMA test kits, we provide you with everything you require to identify illicit compounds.

With over 10 years of experience, WIM Scientific Laboratories utilizes superior laboratory chemicals as well as substantial focus to detail, making certain that your marquis reagent will react in a reliable and decisive means for every test.

Avoid copy cat bedroom “chemist” suppliers! All WIM Scientific Lab analytical reagents are made to order and not kept for extended periods in a 3rd party warehouse. All reagents are 10 ml, not 5ml or 7ml. We do not use plastic droppers as a result of the contamination of reagents and reduced life span of the product.

Your MDMA Testing Kit Contains the following:

  • 1x (10ml) of Marquis Reagent – USA factory sealed ISO 9001 Quality Lab Material Certified Glass Dropper bottle. Contains over 200 individual tests!
  • Instructions, safe handling, storage and most importantly access to digital reactions charts
  • Our contact info in case you need us 24/7 for anything, have any issues, comments, questions, concerns
  • Reaction vial, testing spoon, reusable child proof pill bottle and free promotional items included.
  • Discrete packaging
  • Order Information is Encrypted & Secure

All orders ship same day if placed before 12PM CST. Delivery is 2-5 days depending on location. Overnight shipping available. All orders come with free tracking information!

How The MDMA Test Kit Works

The MDMA test kit is a simple spot-test to identify alkaloids as well as other compounds and substances.

The test is performed by scraping off a small amount of questionable substance and added a drop of the marquis reagent which is initially clear and colorless. The results are analyzed by referring to the color reaction chart. The resulting color and time taken for the change in color will give us an idea if there is a presence of

Once you know you have good shit you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off by asshole dealers. You also don’t have to worry about dying from taking something you thought was pure MDMA.

The look on a friends face when you inform them that their “Bomb Ass Shit” isn’t “Mad Tyte” is priceless. It will have them questioning how they supposedly “Rolled SOO Hard” from their supply that clearly contains not even the slightest trace of MDMA.

Substance Testing Instructions

Marquis Color Reactions Chart


Storage and Handling


Wearing gloves, rinse testing vile and the mini tester spoon thoroughly with soap and water after testing. 


The MDMA test kit bottle cap should be closed tightly to ensure no leakage or unwanted exposure occurs.


It is very important to store away from light (UV Rays) and high temperatures. UV rays and heat will degrade the reagent and significantly reduce shelf life!

MDMA Testing Precautions

Reagent testing is never 100% definitive. There are many other factors determining reactions such as multiple substance mixtures. Having said that, our Molly testing kit is the first step toward determining the contents of what you are identifying.

We do not accept responsibility for the use or improper use of information posted on the site. Please be safe and use at your own risk. You are dealing with corrosive chemicals! Treat them with respect. There are warning labels on everything for a reason 🙂

If reagent comes into contact with skin or eyes, wash promptly with soap and water. Latex gloves are highly recommended when handling kits. If irritation persists, seek medical attention immediately.

Safety First

Wear safety gloves and googles.


Please read instructions before use.


Keep Out of Reach of Children!