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Mecke Reagent Testing Kit

200+ Tests Only $19.99

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Unlike other Marquis Reagent Providers we provide you with everything you need!

Your Mecke Reagent Testing Kit Includes:
  • 1x (10ml) of Mecke Reagent – USA factory sealed ISO 9001 Quality Lab Material Certified Dropper bottle.
  • Contains over 200 individual tests!
  • 1x Instruction Card: Safe handling, storage and most importantly reactions charts.
  • Our contact info in case you need us 24/7 for anything, have any issues, comments, questions, concerns or just want to spread proper knowledge through safe substance use!

How It Works

The Mecke Reagent tests for the presence of MDxx, DXM, bath salts, opiates, and 2C-Tx substances. Our kit contains enough reagent for around 200 individual tests.

Testing Instructions

Step 1 – Open Bottle

Remove the reagent bottle from the child proof safety container. The packing absorbent can be throw away. Carefully open the Mecke Reagent’s factory sealed cap.

Step 2 – Load Substance

Using the provided mini tester spoon, place at least .010 to .005 Grams (Tiny amount) of the questionable substance into the empty testing vile.

Step 3 – Add Reagent

Add one or two drops of the Mecke Reagent into the testing vile.

Step 4 – Watch Reaction

Watch carefully during the re-action time, color changes, any fizzing or smoking.

Step 5 – Color Chart

Refer to the color reaction chart to determine if Heroin is present in the substance.


Mecke Color Reactions Chart


  • Heroin - Dark blue
  • Morphine - Dark Blue
  • Codeine - Dark Blue
  • Oxycodone - Golden Brown
  • MDMA/MDA/MDE - Deep Purple
  • Methylone - Moderate reddish brown
  • Mescaline - Dark Olive
  • Methoxetamine - Dark Green
  • DXM - Golden Yellow
  • 2C-B - Light Brown
  • 2C-I - Dark Brown
  • Sugar - Light Yellow
Mecke Reagent Color Reactions

Storage and Handling


Wearing gloves, rinse testing vile and the mini tester spoon thoroughly with soap and water after testing. 


The Mecke Reagent bottle cap should be closed tightly to ensure no leakage or unwanted exposure occurs.


It is very important to store away from light (UV Rays) and high temperatures. UV rays and heat will degrade the reagent and significantly reduce shelf life!


Reagent testing is never 100% definitive. There are many other factors determining reactions such as multiple substance mixtures. Having said that, our Marquis reagent is the first step toward determining the contents of what your identifying.

We do not accept responsibility for the use or improper use of information posted on the site. Please be safe and use at your own risk. You are dealing with corrosive chemicals! Treat them with respect. There are warning labels on everything for a reason 🙂

If reagent comes into contact with skin or eyes, wash promptly with soap and water. Latex gloves are highly recommended when handling kits. If irritation persists, seek medical attention immediately.

Safety First

Wear safety gloves and googles.


Please read instructions before use.


Keep Out of Reach of Children!

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