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Why You Should Test Your MDMA Before Ingesting

The question most people ask is that “Is it bad to take MDMA?” but the fact is that all drugs cause’ one damage or the other – from penicillin to methamphetamine. It’s difficult to assume “X is bad” and “Y is not bad” it’s just a proportion of less bad to more bad. When done right, MDMA is definitely on the less bad side. MDMA poses the high risk to one’s health when not done properly. It’s hard to get pure MDMA causing people to ingest other compounds such as PMMA sold as MDMA.

Two people have died, and at least three became critically ill during the first few days at the Electric Zoo music festival. Although, the causes of death have not yet been established, both diagnosed to have been involved with MDMA .

There might be a problem with the above statement. Firstly, if these people had a reasonable amount of water and were consuming pure MDMA, the possibility of them becoming ill is slim. Secondly, MDMA is commonly mistaken for MOLLY or ECSTASY. Molly is confined in a gelatin capsule rather than a pressed pill. Therefore buying Molly does not mean you are purchasing pure MDMA. Just because it’s in powder form does not mean it is pure MDMA. It is so unfortunate that when people fight to get something, they will end up settling for the substance they are less sure is pure.

Molly: the powdery form of MDMA. It is not a pure form of MDMA. MDMA: the actual substance people are after when buying ecstasy or molly. And because you are told it is MDMA does not make it pure MDMA. It still needs to be testedEcstasy: a pill that contains MDMA and other stimulants for extra high and perseverance.

There is the risk in taking MDMA resulting in serotonin receptors or neurotoxicity with overuse. It is a lot safer to take MDMA provided you have tested your shit. This is why we strongly urge people to buy an MDMA test kit before ingesting the unknown substances.

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My Friend Molly At A Festival

The atmosphere at a musical festival can be both electrifying and exhilarating. The upbeat sound of music, never ending food and drinks, and the company of thousands surrounding you never disappoints. Sometimes a music festival can nudge you to want to experience some fun with molly.

When taking molly there may be some questions. Would it be okay to take molly several days straight? How do I prepare for food intake while on molly? How do I prepare for the high I may experience while taking molly? Side effects that may occur after taking molly? Anything about fluids should I be aware of before deciding to take molly? These may be some of the questions running through anyone’s mind when thinking of taking molly at an all day music festival. So let’s briefly discuss some of the answers to these questions.

It should be fine to take molly 2 days straight however, monitor the amount of times you intake because of possible neurotoxicity becoming apparent. In order to obtain a happy high or one that won’t be interfered make sure to not eat so close to when you are taking molly. Depending on the dosage and individual a high from molly may last anywhere from 2-5 hours. Make sure to quench yourself with some Gatorade and water throughout the day. You don’t want to over hydrate and make yourself have a higher chance of hypothermia. Make sure to not drink alcoholic beverages while on molly. You may experience clenching while on molly. Intake magnesium 2 hours before to possibly avoid clenching. Mood swings can occur but should subside eventually. Overall, it is important to be prepared and have a good time at a music festival. So be smart and aware before letting loose during festivities while on your good friend molly.

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Electric Zoo Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty

At the Electric Zoo music festival that took place on August of 2014 a young man, Jeffry Russ, died of an overdose. At the music festival Patrick Morgan, twenty-four, sold eighty pills of the drug “Molly” to a friend who then distributed the drug to the attendees.

Russ’s tragic death was, thankfully, the only reported death caused by Morgan’s stash. On Thursday, December 11, Morgan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute MDMA. The charge, however, does not cover the death of Mr. Russ that was caused by Mr. Morgan. No official testing has been conducted to determine the actual contents of the pills that were sold although it is speculated that they may have contained piperazines.

The guidelines for the sentencing require five to sixteen months in prison with the maximum possible sentence being twenty years. The judge presiding over the case, Edgardo Ramos, will give his final sentencing on Friday, March 13 of next year.

Jeffrey Russ’s death was not the only controversy that took place at the Electric Zoo concert that caused headlines. Twenty year-old Olivia Rotondo also died of an overdose that was allegedly from a bad batch of Molly. Four other attendees were treated for what appeared to be overdoses. Thirty-one others were arrested on drug related charges during the first two days of the music festival alone. Additionally, a sixteen year-old girl was sexually assaulted, which led to the early closure of the event.

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Police Raid Houston’s Kryptonite Underground Rave Club

After a 5 month investigation four people are arrested in raid of downtown Houston club. They found “mollies” lol…

Police raided Club Kryptonite in downtown Houston Friday night due to reports of ongoing crime and a RAPE CAVE!

You can watch the video on

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EDC Vegas: Everything Needed To Roll


With one of the country’s biggest EDM festivals coming to a close early this morning there is a huge buzz surrounding the happenings at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival. Traffic getting to the event was horrendous, beer was expensive and parking was near impossible, however after speaking to several attendees the bass was extra loud and the DJ’s threw down some of the most memorable sets of their careers. Oh, and of course the molly was on point!

Compared to previous years, there was only one reported death, the cause of which was inconclusive by coroner reports. The increase in molly education has helped the overall rave scene and community. People rolling responsibly are help keeping events like EDC Vegas a positive and safe environment to roll in. With 134,000 attendees this year there was bound to be plenty of molly especially since the first day had at least 19 people arrested, all narcotic related. Additionally the organizers of the electric music festival stated that 72 people were ejected.

For the younger generation, it is mainly about the music and the magnet to an event like EDC is the whole experience. The carnival, costumes, lights and insane fixtures found all throughout the festival make it a fully enhanced experience for everyone rolling on legit molly.

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Scoring Molly At Music Festivals

Risky & Dangerous, but worth it


With the summer music festivals making their rounds, its important to educate yourself on the risks and dangers of buying molly at them. Festivals have been known for a while now to be among the few places that drugs are easily sold and abused. Possession of drugs usually is a very serious offense and more serious is the selling and distribution of drugs. So when deciding to head out to one of these, especially if you’re driving long distances, it’s much safer to take a testing kit than molly you already have from your local supplier. Besides, you KNOW that molly will be there, so don’t take that chance of getting busted with her while travelling.

Undercover Cops

The risks of getting popped by an undercover usually seems to not affect those who are involved in these activities at concerts anyways. Neither is the fact that they may be dealing with a total stranger who might be a law enforcement authority. The trade of “drugs” at music festivals is a something that is usually done in the open. Mostly the dealer is someone who will stand out but not enough for the police to notice him.

It also usually involves the use of code words, so to speak, that you would not hear a lot of in the streets. This is probably the reason why so few of those who sell drugs at concerts are caught.