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5 Best Ways to Consume Magic Mushrooms

When taking magic mushrooms, never take too much at once. Check the dosage and be ready to experience a few hours of alternated consciousness. The effects of the mushroom are temporary and can last anywhere from three to four hours. 

Set an intention: You create a framework for your journey by setting your intention. It will serve as a grounding force in the face of rough waters.

There are several ways to consume this magical plant. You can directly chew on a mushroom, prepare a mushroom tea, take mushrooms as capsules, or add them to food. Here are the best ways to consume magic mushrooms. Enjoy!

Straight Up Chew and Swallow 

While you can consume magic mushrooms in many ways, chewing them is the easiest way to get the most effects. This method will allow the psychoactive compound to come out of the mushroom. The resulting bloodstream will carry it to every cell in the body. It takes thirty to forty-five minutes for the effects to kick in, so you should avoid eating before taking them. 

It can be uncomfortable to chew on dried mushrooms, so many people make a tea with them to mask the taste. Some even use a tea bag to cover up the mushroom flavor. Some even enjoy the ritual of preparing the tea before they take the mushrooms, preparing the mind and setting the intention for their journey. So, why not give it a try? There are several benefits to taking mushrooms.

Prepare a Mushroom Tea

First, boil a pot of water. Add the mushrooms to the water and let it steep for about 15 minutes. Stir the tea occasionally and then pour it into mugs. You can add some optional ingredients as well. Depending on how much you want to take, you can use as little as one gram per person. The amount of mushrooms should be varied according to preference.

The key to a successful mushroom trip is to be relaxed and open to the entire experience. The best way to do this is to sip the tea slowly and wait 20 to 30 minutes for it to take effect. This will prevent nausea and ensure a smoother experience. 

Depending on your preferences, you can add spices, honey, and other ingredients to your tea to enhance its flavor. However, if you’re a first-time user, you should only drink one cup at a time. Drink it within a few hours of making it. Otherwise, the flavor may be too strong for you. 

Magic Mushroom Capsules

Although the smell and taste may be attractive, there are some things you need to know before trying them. One of the most important things to consider is your mental state. Josh Richardson, a cannabis-culinary event entrepreneur, and activist says that you need to be aware of your mindset and follow a disciplined approach to getting the most out of the mushrooms.

Microdosing is another option for adjusting the dosage. If you keep the capsule amount under 0.5 grams, you can microdose to your preferred level. Micro-doses may work best for you if you take small daily doses. Micro-doses are the best way to increase the effects of magic mushrooms without overdosing. For best results, experiment with the dose and see what happens!

Add Magic Mushrooms to Food

Adding magic mushrooms to your food is a great way to enjoy new culinary experiences and eliminate nausea. You can add them to almost anything. Use a coffee grinder or grind them yourself with a mortar and pestle. 

There are several different ways to add magic mushrooms to your food. First, you should use a moderate dose. Once you’ve found the right amount, add the mushrooms to a small serving and wait for the magic to set. To avoid nausea, you can add lemon, ginger, or mint to the meal. Additionally, you should keep the heat to a minimum. As with any other type of mushroom, heat affects psilocybin. This effect dates back to the first uses of magic mushrooms.

Lemon Tek: to Intensify the Trip

One of the best ways to intensify the trip when eating magic mushrooms is by using a technique known as Lemon Tek. This technique involves soaking the mushrooms in lemon juice for 20-25 minutes and mixing them every five minutes. While this process may sound gross, it can help you get a stronger trip than you would otherwise. The mushrooms need soaking for at least 20 minutes to release the psilocybin, and mixing them every five minutes ensures that the acid is present. 

In the meantime, the use of Lemon Tek can enhance the experience. The tea contains psilocybin, and many people report experiencing more vivid visuals and a stronger peak than if they had just eaten the mushrooms by themselves. 

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