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Scoring Molly At Music Festivals

Risky & Dangerous, but worth it


With the summer music festivals making their rounds, its important to educate yourself on the risks and dangers of buying molly at them. Festivals have been known for a while now to be among the few places that drugs are easily sold and abused. Possession of drugs usually is a very serious offense and more serious is the selling and distribution of drugs. So when deciding to head out to one of these, especially if you’re driving long distances, it’s much safer to take a testing kit than molly you already have from your local supplier. Besides, you KNOW that molly will be there, so don’t take that chance of getting busted with her while travelling.

Undercover Cops

The risks of getting popped by an undercover usually seems to not affect those who are involved in these activities at concerts anyways. Neither is the fact that they may be dealing with a total stranger who might be a law enforcement authority. The trade of “drugs” at music festivals is a something that is usually done in the open. Mostly the dealer is someone who will stand out but not enough for the police to notice him.

It also usually involves the use of code words, so to speak, that you would not hear a lot of in the streets. This is probably the reason why so few of those who sell drugs at concerts are caught.

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