My Friend Molly At A Festival

The atmosphere at a musical festival can be both electrifying and exhilarating. The upbeat sound of music, never ending food and drinks, and the company of thousands surrounding you never disappoints. Sometimes a music festival can nudge you to want to experience some fun with molly.

When taking molly there may be some questions. Would it be okay to take molly several days straight? How do I prepare for food intake while on molly? How do I prepare for the high I may experience while taking molly? Side effects that may occur after taking molly? Anything about fluids should I be aware of before deciding to take molly? These may be some of the questions running through anyone’s mind when thinking of taking molly at an all day music festival. So let’s briefly discuss some of the answers to these questions.

It should be fine to take molly 2 days straight however, monitor the amount of times you intake because of possible neurotoxicity becoming apparent. In order to obtain a happy high or one that won’t be interfered make sure to not eat so close to when you are taking molly. Depending on the dosage and individual a high from molly may last anywhere from 2-5 hours. Make sure to quench yourself with some Gatorade and water throughout the day. You don’t want to over hydrate and make yourself have a higher chance of hypothermia. Make sure to not drink alcoholic beverages while on molly. You may experience clenching while on molly. Intake magnesium 2 hours before to possibly avoid clenching. Mood swings can occur but should subside eventually. Overall, it is important to be prepared and have a good time at a music festival. So be smart and aware before letting loose during festivities while on your good friend molly.

The Growing Popularity of Molly with Millennials

MDMA – better known as Ecstasy or Molly is very similar to amphetamines with a bit of a hallucinogen thrown in. It gives you a lot of energy; makes you feel good, and it makes you feel uninhibited. This drug can come in a pill form or in white powder in capsules. People making Molly these days sometimes will add other drugs to the mix such as PCP, amphetamines, cocaine, forms of caffeine, or even ingredients of cough medicine. This is why its imperative to test every pill or cap before “going in”. Molly users will find it takes about a half hour to fully kick in, will be at it strongest after about 1 ½-2 hours and then wear of in about 3 to 6 hours. The percentage of kids using Molly increases with older children. Juniors take Molly 2 ½ times more than eighth graders, and seniors take Molly 1 ½ times more than juniors.

People say they are attracted to Molly because of the extra energy they feel, the feeling of happiness, excitement and how it increases their senses to the extreme. It also gives them the feeling of overconfidence and the sense of being untouchable without losing too much control of themselves like most drugs do. You will notice people who range in age from teenagers to people in their twenties who are at concerts or raves, usually having way more fun than most of the people. They enjoy the music and the beats, dancing for hours on end and just overall really happy. Those are the ones high on Molly because the drug intensifies the feelings and emotions (especially empathy in general) several times over more than other people there.

The reason Molly or Ecstasy is so tied into the music scene is due to the resurgence of EDM and DJs. DJs often take the most popular songs and put them together with melodies from other songs and beats in a pattern that puts emphasis on the up and down of the music and helps insinuate the “rolling” feeling that users get from taking Molly. When people take Molly it increases their energy level and removes any sociable insecurities, helping them to stay up late, dance for long periods of time and connect with other people. This is all perfectly suited for the crowds and late-night music atmosphere. Particularly popular with millennials are the big music festivals with large numbers of musical groups that go on for days; concerts like Coachella are the perfect atmosphere for this age group.

The UK consumes more MDMA than any other nation

According to Global Drug Survey 2015, the United Kingdom consumes more MDMA than any other nation when it is in the mood. Averagely, UK users take 0.42 ‘grams per session’ followed closely by Scotland and Ireland on 0.38 and 0.37 respectively. Utilization of ecstasy pills in the UK is also alarming after Australia being first known for its tenacious border controls.

The GDS states that illiteracy overdosage makes it unreliable since MDMA is always increasing in recognition as compared to its erratic accomplice ecstasy tablets: There has been an enormous rise in consumption rates and countries over the years. MDMA crystals are in excellent supply. At times, the pills contain an extra 200mg and frequently 300mg of MDMA. This is twice and thrice what many people assume is a moderate dose.

Some countries are going extremely overboard in the amount of MDMA consumed in a session when the mean amount should be 1/4gm. The UK is currently on the top of the list with an average dose of 0.42mg/session. Vice’s Dutch editor Thijs Roes interviewed a couple of the pill producers on what on what was following the manufacture of such dose pills. He responded by saying, “What they’re doing is a pissing contest. One told me it was a competition between manufacturers and race against themselves. The other described his 330mg pill as a flagship product, as a way to get known in the scene. They felt that users would know to dose them and that the amount of MDMA would eventually stabilize around 200mg”.

Thijs Roes’s request on manufacturers is to produce of 80-100mg and placing the dosage on them. For those concerned, they should consider putting dosages than logos. He addressed consumers to keep a huge groove in the middle when taking 200mg pills so that people may examine and determine they only need to take half or even a quarter. “Every time you get a new pill always take a quarter to start with and wait at least 60-90 minutes before dosing ‘start low go slow.'” Based on the annual survey statistics, vaporizing weed is currently more prevalent than smoking it.

Bath Salt Debacle at Wesleyan University

In recent years, a new drug has become popular amongst party-goers called “molly”. Molly is thought by many to be “pure” MDMA, but often this couldn’t be further from the truth. Often times, molly can contain ingredients that are much more dangerous than MDMA, including the infamous drugs known as “bath salts”. There have been a number of cases of people that have been hospitalized after ingesting what they thought was pure MDMA, but was really another, much more dangerous substance.

One case of this substance containing a dangerous chemical occurred at Wesleyan University. Ten people at the university were found exhibiting symptoms of a drug overdose and one of the patients even had to be revived using a defibrillator! Four of the people had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital because their condition was so critical. The culprit behind these overdoses was likely something other than MDMA.

In a study of “molly”, it was found that only 13 percent of the substance actually contained any MDMA! The others were all other chemicals, commonly bath salts. So, essentially when one purchases a dose of this substance, they have no idea what it actually is that they are getting.

Bath Salts, which are a common ingredient in Molly have led to some very nasty outcomes. The substances can cause heart attacks, bizarre behavior, agitation, suicidal thinking, and even outright death. Bath Salts are dangerous substances that carry far greater risks than MDMA itself.

However, some people are still going to continue to use these substances despite the risks involved, so there is a second best option. There are kits available to test substances such as what is sold as “molly” to determine what chemical exactly is in the drugs. If one is set on consuming “molly”, using one of these kits will help to mitigate some of the risk involved.

If the substance is tested and it is not what it is sold as, chances are it is very risky to consume it. If there are significant impurities, still, it is likely very risky to take. If the substance is not what the person purchased, some users may see not being able to ingest the substance as having wasted their money. However, in spite of this, if the “molly” that was tested is not MDMA or only partially MDMA, the health risks are great and simply throwing the substance in the garbage is certainly the best way to go because your health is worth more than whatever it was that you paid on the substance.

Of course, even MDMA itself does carry some risks such as dehydration and heat stroke. There have been cases of people who have been seriously negatively effected by MDMA alone, but this is relatively uncommon. In comparison to other illicit drugs, MDMA is MUCH less dangerous. It is typically the impurities that lead to the deaths and/or overdoses rather than the MDMA itself.

Beware of Pink Superman Pills!

If you happen to see pink pills in the shape of the Superman logo, don’t take them. These pills have caused numerous deaths all over the world. In England, for example, four men died over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday from taking these pills. Two Lithuanian men, Justas Ropa, 22, and Gediminas Kulokas, 24 were found dead a couple of hours after taking these pills. John Hocking,20, from Rendlesham Suffolk and Daniel Bagnal from Telford had fallen ill days after taking these pills and passed away. It is suspected that these pills are from the same batch that caused deaths in Belgium and the Netherlands in December. There is some suspicion that these pills are similar to the ones confiscated in Ireland over the past month. Suffolk police scrambled quickly to get posters printed to let people know about the pink Superman pills.

These Superman pills containing high amounts of PMMA (para-Methoxy-methamphetamin),are a stimulant that acts on the body much slower than MDMA (methylene-dioxy-methamphetamine), more commonly known as ecstasy.Those who take these PMMA might think they are not working, causing people to take more doses. PMMA increases body temperature and heart rate. PMMA costs much less than MDMA. Alexander Shulgin, who died in June at the age of 88, did not even want to be associated with PMA. The supply of Superman pills found located in the Low Countries consisted of 173mg of PMMA, or PMA, more than three times the amount found in ecstasy.Officials at the Drugs Information and Monitoring system at Trimbos Institute in Utrecht finds these the highest concentration of PMMA that has ever been found in a drug.
Superman Pill Dealer
Suffolk police discovered 400 Superman pills in 19-year-old Adrian Lubecki’s possession and charged him with dealing. Two other men, 20, and 26, were also charged with dealing the drugs. The police believe there are other dealers around the UK who are selling these Superman Pills. Traffickers from Liverpool seem to be getting these pills from the Netherlands. Amnesty will be given to anyone who hands over Superman pills to the police. Inspector Steve Denham warns people never to consume illegal drugs because you don’t know where they came from or what ingredients they contain. He urges that if anyone from the Ipswich area has been offered drugs recently, including ecstasy, to please alert the police of this.

Electric Zoo Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty

At the Electric Zoo music festival that took place on August of 2014 a young man, Jeffry Russ, died of an overdose. At the music festival Patrick Morgan, twenty-four, sold eighty pills of the drug “Molly” to a friend who then distributed the drug to the attendees.

Russ’s tragic death was, thankfully, the only reported death caused by Morgan’s stash. On Thursday, December 11, Morgan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute MDMA. The charge, however, does not cover the death of Mr. Russ that was caused by Mr. Morgan. No official testing has been conducted to determine the actual contents of the pills that were sold although it is speculated that they may have contained piperazines.

The guidelines for the sentencing require five to sixteen months in prison with the maximum possible sentence being twenty years. The judge presiding over the case, Edgardo Ramos, will give his final sentencing on Friday, March 13 of next year.

Jeffrey Russ’s death was not the only controversy that took place at the Electric Zoo concert that caused headlines. Twenty year-old Olivia Rotondo also died of an overdose that was allegedly from a bad batch of Molly. Four other attendees were treated for what appeared to be overdoses. Thirty-one others were arrested on drug related charges during the first two days of the music festival alone. Additionally, a sixteen year-old girl was sexually assaulted, which led to the early closure of the event.

Police Raid Houston’s Kryptonite Underground Rave Club

After a 5 month investigation four people are arrested in raid of downtown Houston club. They found “mollies” lol…

Police raided Club Kryptonite in downtown Houston Friday night due to reports of ongoing crime and a RAPE CAVE!

You can watch the video on

EDC Vegas: Everything Needed To Roll


With one of the country’s biggest EDM festivals coming to a close early this morning there is a huge buzz surrounding the happenings at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival. Traffic getting to the event was horrendous, beer was expensive and parking was near impossible, however after speaking to several attendees the bass was extra loud and the DJ’s threw down some of the most memorable sets of their careers. Oh, and of course the molly was on point!

Compared to previous years, there was only one reported death, the cause of which was inconclusive by coroner reports. The increase in molly education has helped the overall rave scene and community. People rolling responsibly are help keeping events like EDC Vegas a positive and safe environment to roll in. With 134,000 attendees this year there was bound to be plenty of molly especially since the first day had at least 19 people arrested, all narcotic related. Additionally the organizers of the electric music festival stated that 72 people were ejected.

For the younger generation, it is mainly about the music and the magnet to an event like EDC is the whole experience. The carnival, costumes, lights and insane fixtures found all throughout the festival make it a fully enhanced experience for everyone rolling on legit molly.

2 Die At Electric Zoo

The suspected drug deaths of two festival goers led Sunday to the abrupt cancellation of the third day of the Electric Zoo music festival in New York City. In addition to the deaths of the 23-year-old man and the 20-year-old women, four other participants were hospitalized for suspected drug-related health problems.
According to the New York Police Department, the two victims who died may have overdosed on the drug Molly however actual drug toxicology screens have not been released. The four hospitalized were reported to be seriously ill and in intensive care. As a pill, Molly is known as ecstacy, however if it is not tested as pure MDMA who knows whats in the self filled capsules.

In a joint statement issued by police officials and by the office of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the cancellation was made in agreement between them and the promoters of the festival. Organizers have previously worked with the city to reduce health risks at the event, but a complete closure was considered to be the best course of action considering the circumstances. Additionally, the founders of the Electric Zoo released a statement in which they expressed their “deepest condolences” for the two deaths. The statement also emphasized that their primary concern was with the safety of their patrons.

Meanwhile, city health officials are attempting to determine the cause of the two deaths and of the illnesses that affected the other participants. It was not immediately known whether the drugs that were apparently used had been unusually potent or whether they had been contaminated with a poisonous substance. This is the key here as at first glance Molly is getting the bad wrap without being the actual substance related to the deaths of the individuals. It was also considered possible that there had been some type of drug reaction in conjunction with other health problems associated with the prevailing heat and humidity, or because the victims had taken the drugs without consuming food or liquids (you HAVE to drink water!).

As it had in every year since its inception in 2009, the event took place in the park located on Randall’s Island, which is itself located in the East River. Last year the Electric Zoo attracted more than 100,000 participants. The big name performers scheduled to appear at the event this year included Avicii, David Guetta and Diplo, and producers Armin Van Buuren, Sabastiona Ingrosso, Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke.Sucks for everyone that rolled responsibly and didn’t get to attend on Sunday but the irresponsibility of the people who took too many unidentified drugs ruined it for everyone.

Scoring Molly At Music Festivals

Risky & Dangerous, but worth it


With the summer music festivals making their rounds, its important to educate yourself on the risks and dangers of buying molly at them. Festivals have been known for a while now to be among the few places that drugs are easily sold and abused. Possession of drugs usually is a very serious offense and more serious is the selling and distribution of drugs. So when deciding to head out to one of these, especially if you’re driving long distances, it’s much safer to take a testing kit than molly you already have from your local supplier. Besides, you KNOW that molly will be there, so don’t take that chance of getting busted with her while travelling.

Undercover Cops

The risks of getting popped by an undercover usually seems to not affect those who are involved in these activities at concerts anyways. Neither is the fact that they may be dealing with a total stranger who might be a law enforcement authority. The trade of “drugs” at music festivals is a something that is usually done in the open. Mostly the dealer is someone who will stand out but not enough for the police to notice him.

It also usually involves the use of code words, so to speak, that you would not hear a lot of in the streets. This is probably the reason why so few of those who sell drugs at concerts are caught.

Getting The Right Roll SWAG

You will definitely need chewing gum or as you will commonly come across, LED Binkie Necklaces. These let you have something to chew on, provide you with a constant light show and are easily accessible.

Wear the most comfortable clothes that you have! This means literally and mentally. A lot of times the clothes you feel most “comfortable” in are not actually comfy but, since you look good in them you are less self conscious. You do not want to be self conscious during your roll and mostly your inhibitions will be gone so this isn’t an issue, but definitely take it into consideration. Shoot for something that you look good in, AND is also comfortable.

As a general suggestion, create a “Roll Bag”. Stuff it with personal objects that you are fond of. Yes that means your old teddy bear or Dragon Ball Z action figure of Super Saiyan Gohan 2 from the Cell saga.

Get a Vicks Inhaler and have someone blow that shit (lightly) in your eyes and nose.

Shit feels FUCKING EPIC. Anything with flashing LED lights is bad ass. Your vision is enhanced and you get intense tracers regularly.

Camelbaks are a solid base for a Roll Bag. They provide you with a source of fluids (whatever you decide to fill the pouch with) and are light and small enough to still be able to dance like a robot with, however big enough for all your Rollsentials™.

Other good items to throw into your roll bag include (but are not limited to…) deodorant (You’ll need it for them sweaty post dance pits, and if you just want to take it out and smell it, it will smell 100X better than it normally does), lotion (rub it in your hands, or have someone else do it and enjoy), contact solution, money (for more Molly duh), Marquis Testing Kit (so you dont buy any bunk Molly on your adventure, assuming your getting it at the location of your first roll… not recommended!), candy (something sweet, minty, fruity, and extremely sour; normally the obnoxious, overly flavored types are PURE BLISS when your rolling balls), wet wipes, hand sanitizer, business cards (to hand out to all your new friends your going to meet if you decide to go out), pens and paper (to write down all your epiphanies, remember phone should be OFF),  chap stick, Paper Diffraction Glasses, pictures of your pets, bubble wand, and last but not least your Molly.

Choosing Appropriate Roll Partners

Molly is ideal to take with a significant other as it allows you to explore your relationship in depth.

Rolling at home would be ideal because you generally should already feel safe and secure there. Just dont be “That Guy” running around your neighborhood at 3am in your underwear blasting the latest Skrillex remix on your iPhone because it, “Feels SOO good!”. Your neighbors WILL call the cops.

As a general rule, if you dont want everyone to know your on drugs, turn your phone off. This will help you avoid telling everyone on your contact list that you love them randomly at 3am. Always take in moderation! If you are having doubts or anxieties about rolling on Molly but are still adamant on taking it, take a small dose, and then wait an hour to take the next bit, if you absolutely have to.

Beginner’s State of Mind

Before hand your going to want to check your physical condition. Molly puts a considerable amount of strain on your body. Before taking it try to eat as healthy as you can weeks prior and get plenty of rest. Your internal organs will all have to work much harder. Do not take Molly if you are prescribed anti-depressants.

Your mental health is very important, if your already borderline crazy dont push yourself over the edge. If you have a pre-conceived apprehensive outlook about taking it and not fully comfortable with being that open with yourself, and everyone around you don’t do it now and wait for the right time.

Don’t just roll for roll’s sake!

Find a suitable environment in which you feel comfortable and safe in. Music festivals or raves seem to be of the most common places to roll, and if you feel as if your tripping out, people are generally more understanding and consolable.

Taking vitamin C, i.e.Emergen-C Packets!,helps reduce exhaustion, improves the quality of your roll and boosts your immune system. Preparations for rolling should be taken quite seriously as everything you do before hand determines how your night will turn out. Eat before hand as you will puke at the thought of ingesting anything other than Molly once you start rolling.

Make sure you will have access to comfortable places to sit or lie down. If your at a rave or music festival this will generally consist of other people (these are called cuddle puddles). Make sure you have access to water, fruit juices (most importantly orange juice.. mmmm… yummm!!!), & Powerade or Gatorade as their electrolyte content will help reduce any come down symptoms and enable your body to RAGE harder and longer.

You will definitely need chewing gum or as you will commonly come across, LED Binkie Necklaces. These let you have something to chew on, provide you with a constant light show and are easily accessible.

Wear the most comfortable clothes that you have! This means literally and mentally. A lot of times the clothes you feel most “comfortable” in are not actually comfy but, since you look good in them you are less self conscious. You do not want to be self conscious during your roll and mostly your inhibitions will be gone so this isn’t an issue, but definitely take it into consideration. Shoot for something that you look good in, AND is also comfortable.

Overall just let it happen and go with it.

How To Pass A MDMA Drug Test

Clean your system out!

The detection periods for MDMA are very close to those for amphetamines.

Though Molly is not specifically tested for in the standard ‘NIDA-5″ drug tests, it is closely enough related to amphetamines that recent Molly users have been testing positive in both amphetamines and Meth.

Another important fact is that the majority of Molly is not pure MDMA and frequently includes amphetamines. Which is definitely why you should get a MDMA Testing Kit before you consume it!

How long does Ecstasy stay in your system?
As a general guideline for MDMA, the detection period is about 3 days or so.

MDMA is water soluble so if you exercise, and drink plenty of water etc…, you can increase the excretion rate.

There are literally tons of determining factors that nay affect your metabolism so you can never really say exactly how long Molly will stay in your body.

This is why if you want to be absolutely certain that you will not show a negative result for a urine test, you must help your body rid itself of all traces of the substance.

The easiest and most affordable way to do this and keep your peace of mind is by ordering a Powerfully Effective 7 Day Total-body Cleanse.

Using an all natural and safe product like this, should put to rest any possibility of testing positive for Molly.