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Molly Tips & Advice – A First Time Roller’s Guide

So you’re new to the Molly scene? No worries! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

When you finally get your hands on some legitimate, pure Molly, your initial reaction will probably be to go bat shit crazy and do it all. Please refrain from doing this.

If you’ve never rolled before, go into the situation knowing that you will never feel as good as you are about to; sans extreme religious experiences (off LSD or mushrooms) or hopefully (and very unlikely..) the day you win the lottery.

The full effect of legit Molly lasts about 3-4 hours, but set aside a solid 8 hours to a whole weekend to recuperate and collect yourself after what has occurred. This will be an extensive learning experience!

Pre-Flight Checks

Before hand check your physical condition. Molly puts a considerable amount of strain on your body. Before taking it try to eat as healthy as you can weeks prior and get plenty of rest. Your internal organs will all have to work much harder.

Do not take Molly if you are prescribed anti-depressants.

Your mental health is very important, if your already borderline crazy dont push yourself over the edge. If you have a pre-conceived apprehensive outlook about taking it and not fully comfortable with being that open with yourself, and everyone around you don’t do it now and wait for the right time.

Don’t just roll for roll’s sake!

Find a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Find a suitable environment in which you feel comfortable and safe in. Music festivals or raves seem to be of the most common places to roll, and if you feel as if you’re tripping out, people are generally more understanding and consolable.

Molly is ideal to take with a significant other as it allows you to explore your relationship in depth.

Rolling at home would be ideal because you generally should already feel safe and secure there. Just dont be “That Guy” running around your neighborhood at 3am in your underwear blasting the latest Skrillex remix on your iPhone because it, “Feels SOO good!”. Your neighbors WILL call the cops.

As a general rule, if you don’t want everyone to know you’re on drugs, turn your phone off. This will help you avoid telling everyone on your contact list that you love them randomly at 3am. Always take in moderation! If you are having doubts or anxieties about rolling on Molly but are still adamant on taking it, take a small dose, and then wait an hour to take the next bit, if you absolutely have to.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water throughout your roll but avoid going overboard and drinking huge amounts as too much of anything can kill you. Stay away from alcohol and other drugs your first time, and if you are RAGING, realize that you can be overheating without knowing it. If your not rolling solo (which, as a general recommendation, you should normally roll with someone)


Taking vitamin C, i.e. Emergen-C Packets helps reduce exhaustion, improves the quality of your roll and boosts your immune system. Preparations for rolling should be taken quite seriously as everything you do before hand determines how your night will turn out. Eat before hand as you will puke at the thought of ingesting anything other than Molly once you start rolling.

Make sure you will have access to comfortable places to sit or lie down. If your at a rave or music festival this will generally consist of other people (these are called cuddle puddles).

Make sure you have access to

  • water
  • fruit juices
  • most importantly orange juice.. mmmm… yummm!!!
  • Powerade or Gatorade as their electrolyte content will help reduce any come down symptoms and enable your body to RAGE harder and longer.
  • Bubble Gum

You will definitely need chewing gum or as you will commonly come across, LED Binkie Necklaces. These let you have something to chew on, provide you with a constant light show and are easily accessible.

Wear the most comfortable clothes that you have!

This means literally and mentally. A lot of times the clothes you feel most “comfortable” in are not actually comfy but, since you look good in them you are less self conscious.

You do not want to be self conscious during your roll and mostly your inhibitions will be gone so this isn’t an issue, but definitely take it into consideration.

Shoot for something that you look good in, AND is also comfortable.

Stay Organized

As a general suggestion, create a “Roll Bag”. Stuff it with personal objects that you are fond of. Yes that means you’re old teddy bear or Dragon Ball Z action figure of Super Saiyan Gohan 2 from the Cell saga.

Get a Vicks Inhaler and have someone blow that shit (lightly) in your eyes and nose.

Shit feels FUCKING EPIC. Anything with flashing LED lights is bad ass. Your vision is enhanced and you get intense tracers regularly.

Camelbaks are a solid base for a Roll Bag. They provide you with a source of fluids (whatever you decide to fill the pouch with) and are light and small enough to still be able to dance like a robot with, however big enough for all your Rollsentials™.

Other good items to throw into your roll bag include (but are not limited to…)

  • Vicks Inhaler
  • LED lights
  • Marquis Reagent Testing Kit: so you don’t buy any bunk Molly on your adventure, assuming your getting it at the location of your first roll… not recommended!
  • Deodorant: You’ll need it for them sweaty post dance pits, and if you just want to take it out and smell it, it will smell 100X better than it normally does
  • Lotion: rub it in your hands, or have someone else do it and enjoy
  • Contact Solution
  • Money: for more Molly duh
  • Wet Wipes
  • Cell Phone
  • Chap stick
  • Candy: something sweet, minty, fruity, and extremely sour; normally the obnoxious, overly flavored types are PURE BLISS when your rolling balls)
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Business cards: to hand out to all your new friends your going to meet if you decide to go out)
  • Pens and paper: to write down all your epiphanies, remember phone should be OFF
  • Paper Diffraction Glasses
  • Pictures of your pets
  • Bubble wand
  • Last but not least, your Molly.

Camelbaks have plenty of obscure hiding places so make sure it is hidden good!

Overall just let it happen and go with it. Do what your instincts tell you. Jump, skip act like a robot… whatever feels good!

It really brings out the inner child in everyone and enables you to filter a lot of unnecessary negativity out of your life.

Post-Flight Checks

Afterward, make sure to take some 5-HTP(as directed on the bottle) as it contains the precursor amino acid to serotonin which you just deplenished SIGNIFICANTLY.

Most importantly, dont get hooked. Its not an addictive chemical, but whats addicting is how amazingly great you feel while your under its influence.

Stick to doing it only once or twice a year and you should face no serious issues.

People have been doing this substance for decades and the pure, uncut substance used in the proper environment does not kill people.

You would have to take a shit ton of pure MDMA before you over dosed.

This again points back to how important it is to Test Your Drugs and doing research before taking it.

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