Scoring Molly At Music Festivals |

Scoring Molly At Music Festivals

Risky & Dangerous, but worth it


With the summer music festivals making their rounds, its important to educate yourself on the risks and dangers of buying molly at them. Festivals have been known for a while now to be among the few places that drugs are easily sold and abused. Possession of drugs usually is a very serious offense and more serious is the selling and distribution of drugs. So when deciding to head out to one of these, especially if you’re driving long distances, it’s much safer to take a testing kit than molly you already have from your local supplier. Besides, you KNOW that molly will be there, so don’t take that chance of getting busted with her while travelling.

Undercover Cops

The risks of getting popped by an undercover usually seems to not affect those who are involved in these activities at concerts anyways. Neither is the fact that they may be dealing with a total stranger who might be a law enforcement authority. The trade of “drugs” at music festivals is a something that is usually done in the open. Mostly the dealer is someone who will stand out but not enough for the police to notice him.

It also usually involves the use of code words, so to speak, that you would not hear a lot of in the streets. This is probably the reason why so few of those who sell drugs at concerts are caught.


  1. I heard that Molly was just a bunch of house hold chemicals. I’m moot sure how true that is but it doesn’t matter to me. All I know is that there is many ways to take it. Eat it, I.V(which I main stream it, or shot it) I personally like to bang it. when u do it that way u have to b fast about it once u heat it up and it turns into a clear liquid, but then u gotta hurry and get it in before it cools down because it turns solid again.

    • Corrine are you crazy? which person knew their death that was approaching as they put the needle in for the LAST time? Oh my gosh, understand that drugs and the source of them are a big fkn LIE. You can get used to them and you CAN get used to living without them. When it goes in before it gets solid, what do you THINK happens once its in? Stop killing yourself. There WILL be a last time.

      • its molly. pop da molly dont bang it. maria chin the sack

  2. Yee but real shit don’t do Molly it only feels gud go a little bit but aint worth it

  3. molly is the shit guys <3 just make sure ur in a safe place if not youll trip balls no joke:P

  4. Back in the 90’s we just called it Ecstasy and ate that shit like candy at raves. You want to have a real run night candy flip with it! Right after you roll drop some acid, that my friends is called a candy flip and its the most fun u may ever have!

  5. This is really unbelievable. This site is actually promoting the use of the drug Molly. I was researching it on the web so I could talk to my teenagers about it and ran across this, thinking it would be informative, but I am sitting here in shock. The stupidity of some people is amazing. So go ahead and take all the Mollies you want, kill yourselves, less idiots in the world. Unbelievable.

    • I’m can’t believe this is the future of American youth!
      No wonder other country’s laugh at us–
      Ou are killing yourselves and our American heritage

    • Red, I’m with you. I actually was one of the early ’90s X users and after a couple of years of rolling; I had heard that “bad” stuff entered the arena and was on the street. Once I was told you needed to TEST everything – that, my friend, was my ((lucky)) wake up call. I never touched it again. Don’t get me wrong; MDMA is an amazing drug that should be controlled by a DOCTOR. I battle depression so for me, it was a beautiful experience. However, I also realized that good non-drug help and exercise works, too!

      Keep your kids away from this. People used to literally overheat and their brains would fry. Their bodies had a problem expelling fluids and there was a lot of crazy effects that resulted in death.

      I, too, am a bit mortified that this site promotes, but I have to look at both sides of the coins. They are GOING TO GET IT AND DO IT no matter what you do so, make sure you and they are educated about it. TOLERANCE DOES NOT MEAN ACCEPTANCE!!!!

    • I found this site as well trying to research what a Molly was and I am disgusted that this site is promoting it! Drugs like this our killing our children! Mollies were one of my daughters choice of drugs and luckily I intervened and got her help before it was too late. She is 9 months sober and I thank God everyday! it’s sad that kids have to use drugs to try to fit in and make themselves happy when they are actually destroying themselves instead of loving themselves! This needs to end!

  6. How could I get ahold of that girl Molly?

  7. This site is absurd. I have never read such horrifying things in my life. I have recently found out that one of my best friends has tried this and it killed me to hear her tell me that she actually enjoyed it. She then told me that I should try it too. I hav vowed not to touch it and I will stand by my word. I just cant believe that our american youth have to turn to such things just to be satisfied in life. There are so many other things you can be doing with your time.

    Sincerely Astounded…

    • I used to do a lot of acid, had great trips until one day it went bad REAL bad. I am lucky to be alive but I learned a lesson. Drugs like this are like playing Russian Roulette. Sooner or later you will run out of luck.

  8. The hell are you talking about? molly is so much fun dude. If you dont roll frequently you wont get addicted and the worst thing that you could happen is theoretically having sensory overload. Its not that harsh on your body, it only slightly depleats your dopamine levels for the next day or so then your right back to normal as long as you do it responsibly. anything is bad if you do it out of control. There are a hell of a lot of worse drugs to do and i for one would wayyyyy rather my child (if i ever have one) roll and smoke weed than do coke, or pcp, or any other club drugs.

  9. Hahaha.. You kids have no future no direction and no hope..Your all jokes..Go ahead kill yourselves, to be honest with you you may think society really cares about its youth that travel down destructive paths, but hate to burst your bubble we dont… We are concerned about the youth who want to make something with their lives, who fits in with society, who makes a difference in this world. You bring nothing good to this world. Why should we (society) waste time $ and effort on idiots..
    Have fun kids!!

  10. See what Molly did at The Gorge in Quincy, WA this past weekend. Killed 1, hospitalized dozens!!

  11. They obviously didnt read the info on this site lmao

  12. Molly, I agree. The reluctance to teach harm reduction to kids is why this is happening. While I do think some of the information on this site is a little too “trendy” and not really in line with reality, I think you are doing more to truly address the problem than most people. Knowledge is power!!!!!!!!!

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