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Beware of Pink Superman Pills!

If you happen to see pink pills in the shape of the Superman logo, don’t take them. These pills have caused numerous deaths all over the world. In England, for example, four men died over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday from taking these pills. Two Lithuanian men, Justas Ropa, 22, and Gediminas Kulokas, 24 were found dead a couple of hours after taking these pills. John Hocking,20, from Rendlesham Suffolk and Daniel Bagnal from Telford had fallen ill days after taking these pills and passed away. It is suspected that these pills are from the same batch that caused deaths in Belgium and the Netherlands in December. There is some suspicion that these pills are similar to the ones confiscated in Ireland over the past month. Suffolk police scrambled quickly to get posters printed to let people know about the pink Superman pills.

These Superman pills containing high amounts of PMMA (para-Methoxy-methamphetamin),are a stimulant that acts on the body much slower than MDMA (methylene-dioxy-methamphetamine), more commonly known as ecstasy.Those who take these PMMA might think they are not working, causing people to take more doses. PMMA increases body temperature and heart rate. PMMA costs much less than MDMA. Alexander Shulgin, who died in June at the age of 88, did not even want to be associated with PMA. The supply of Superman pills found located in the Low Countries consisted of 173mg of PMMA, or PMA, more than three times the amount found in ecstasy.Officials at the Drugs Information and Monitoring system at Trimbos Institute in Utrecht finds these the highest concentration of PMMA that has ever been found in a drug.
Superman Pill Dealer
Suffolk police discovered 400 Superman pills in 19-year-old Adrian Lubecki’s possession and charged him with dealing. Two other men, 20, and 26, were also charged with dealing the drugs. The police believe there are other dealers around the UK who are selling these Superman Pills. Traffickers from Liverpool seem to be getting these pills from the Netherlands. Amnesty will be given to anyone who hands over Superman pills to the police. Inspector Steve Denham warns people never to consume illegal drugs because you don’t know where they came from or what ingredients they contain. He urges that if anyone from the Ipswich area has been offered drugs recently, including ecstasy, to please alert the police of this.

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