“Nah bro, I can taste that shit!”, “I can eyeball pure all day everyday man!”

Thinking like this will help you kill yourself & are bullshit, hyped up false claims made by DUMB people.

Why Test Your Molly?

Whens the last time you finger dabbed some arsenic and turned out OK?

Do you really want to be “That Guy” who passes out in the middle of a Bassnectar set because you ended up swallowing 300mg of plant food???

A Molly Test Kit  contains a chemical agent (Marquis Re-agent) that responds to your Molly by changing color when mixed in with it.

The resulting change in color tells you if the pill contains MDMA. The testing strips are legal to possess so why would you not have a few on hand?


There are 4 quick and easy steps to follow:

Ez Test Instructions: Open Ampoule
(1) Carefully crack open the glass ampoule.
Ez Test Instructions: Insert Sample
(2) Insert a small amount of the sample.
Ez Test Instructions: Mix Ingredients
(3) Put the plastic lid on and shake well.
Ez Test Instructions: Observe Reaction
4) Compare the colour change to the chart.

Plus, once you know you have good shit you dont have to worry about getting ripped off by ass hole dealers. You also dont have to worry about dying from taking something you thought was pure MDMA.

The look on a friends face when you inform them that their “Bomb Ass Shit” isnt “Mad Tyte” is priceless. It will have them questioning how they supposedly “Rolled SOO Hard” from their supply that clearly contains not even the slightest trace of MDMA.

Do the smart thing, save money and be safe. Buy a Molly Testing Kit.