Getting The Right Roll SWAG |

Getting The Right Roll SWAG

You will definitely need chewing gum or as you will commonly come across, LED Binkie Necklaces. These let you have something to chew on, provide you with a constant light show and are easily accessible.

Wear the most comfortable clothes that you have! This means literally and mentally. A lot of times the clothes you feel most “comfortable” in are not actually comfy but, since you look good in them you are less self conscious. You do not want to be self conscious during your roll and mostly your inhibitions will be gone so this isn’t an issue, but definitely take it into consideration. Shoot for something that you look good in, AND is also comfortable.

As a general suggestion, create a “Roll Bag”. Stuff it with personal objects that you are fond of. Yes that means your old teddy bear or Dragon Ball Z action figure of Super Saiyan Gohan 2 from the Cell saga.

Get a Vicks Inhaler and have someone blow that shit (lightly) in your eyes and nose.

Shit feels FUCKING EPIC. Anything with flashing LED lights is bad ass. Your vision is enhanced and you get intense tracers regularly.

Camelbaks are a solid base for a Roll Bag. They provide you with a source of fluids (whatever you decide to fill the pouch with) and are light and small enough to still be able to dance like a robot with, however big enough for all your Rollsentials™.

Other good items to throw into your roll bag include (but are not limited to…) deodorant (You’ll need it for them sweaty post dance pits, and if you just want to take it out and smell it, it will smell 100X better than it normally does), lotion (rub it in your hands, or have someone else do it and enjoy), contact solution, money (for more Molly duh), Marquis Testing Kit (so you dont buy any bunk Molly on your adventure, assuming your getting it at the location of your first roll… not recommended!), candy (something sweet, minty, fruity, and extremely sour; normally the obnoxious, overly flavored types are PURE BLISS when your rolling balls), wet wipes, hand sanitizer, business cards (to hand out to all your new friends your going to meet if you decide to go out), pens and paper (to write down all your epiphanies, remember phone should be OFF),  chap stick, Paper Diffraction Glasses, pictures of your pets, bubble wand, and last but not least your Molly.


  1. NOTE: Dont ever roll with or around anyone that you dont normally like. They will totally kill ur buzz..! Make sure u have a open mind and you have a buddie. Someone to say” hey r u ok?” I would never do it alone or around ppl I dont know or dislike.

  2. definitely no1 u dont like…if u been holding back u will give it to em that night. i told 1 girl “tell ur babydaddy stop calln me” lmao. but this shit is fuckn awesome, i was the baddest bitch in the club.

  3. Don’t take this shit it will kill you or have you were you will never be the same!!!!!

  4. These dope fiends are the same people who joke about crack heads. lol They dont realize they’re the exact same as crack heads lmao

  5. Rolling is for those faggots that wear fluorescent clothing all those at rubber braclets and think it just ecstasy. It is but it’s pure and has methamphetamine in it so you doing meth and rolling. Crazy. They created the shot for use in psychiatry as a form to open people’s minds and inhibitions to fix them psychologically until….. They figured out how much worse it made them. Please also refer to the electric koolaid acid test. Great book and you’ll ha w a whole new lookout on psychotropic drugs. But yes I thing any one that does this shot or meeh or heroin (dead brother from IV use of that) 5 months b4 brother father dead (suicide) but also IV drug use of coke. Now I’m not a know it all but I am very versed in drug use , abuse, and death from it. I’ve done coke (love it) but refuse to so it any longer. I have a kid so I blaze at night to sleep I’m legal and in MI. And I don’t drink hardly ever. So please I’m not trying to have a PSA here but think twice b4 you do street drugs that our government and in the cAse of Molly I believe it was Germany or a European country that created it. Methamphetamine was used in WW II as well. Those kamikaze pots yeah pure psychosis. So our government is killing us people by the war on drugs being letting a whole town in my case be a drug town just to catch the big guys. I know a IV meth and heroin user that just got caught stealing from rite aid over 100$ worth of stuff and a loaded needle with that shit and they didn’t take her to jail or press charges. Police would rather let the string out fuck up until the big guy is caught. Thing is there’s always another in line to be the man. I think any and all amphetamines should be got by a prescription. Not so they can go smurding and make Molly useing meth and ecstasy. Sad really. Have sex , go shop, take care of your kids, and if your a addict her help. Anyone want to chat ill be willing yo give my email address to privately. Our nation is not free nor are we and we are being controlled and numbered and they are allowing the drug addicts to do what they do bc it’s population control. The true “big man” is big brother!

  6. Sorry typos I did not proof read ! Decipher please lol 😉

  7. WTF?!! Don’t take this shit kiddies. I can’t believe sites like this exist….Man.

  8. I thought “Molly” was short for molecule ?

    • lOL ME TOO

  9. That’s bs! Rolling with someone you like will not fuck up your roll. I rolled with a chick that didn’t like me & after that we were totally cool.
    PS..”Molly” is NOT the same as MDMA. Molly is actually plant food from China. Look it up.

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