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Choosing Appropriate Roll Partners

Molly is ideal to take with a significant other as it allows you to explore your relationship in depth.

Rolling at home would be ideal because you generally should already feel safe and secure there. Just dont be “That Guy” running around your neighborhood at 3am in your underwear blasting the latest Skrillex remix on your iPhone because it, “Feels SOO good!”. Your neighbors WILL call the cops.

As a general rule, if you dont want everyone to know your on drugs, turn your phone off. This will help you avoid telling everyone on your contact list that you love them randomly at 3am. Always take in moderation! If you are having doubts or anxieties about rolling on Molly but are still adamant on taking it, take a small dose, and then wait an hour to take the next bit, if you absolutely have to.


  1. What is considered a “small dose”?

    How many rolls should be in a gram?


  2. A small dose is typically 100mg or .100 of a gram. Normally you get around 5 rolls from one gram depending on how they are capped out. A half filled capsule normally weighs around .250. It really just depends man! Good luck and be safe! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I live in a rural lil town in southwest ohio. where and how could i get molly. my wife and i really wanna try it

    • Probably first find a pot dealer buy a bit of it and then ask him if he has some or knows how to get it. Then throw away the pot.

      • hahahaha “throw away the pot”

        • lol rite

  4. I was wondering if you can take molly if you are taking suboxin? I heard that if you take a anti depressant you have to take double the dosage for molly to work because the blockers in the meds.

    • Yes, It’s true
      But think:
      for a depressed person taking molly is not a good idea
      Trust me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. im getting ready to go to this really big party at this club tonight and i want to take a molly i already got 2 but i have never done it before so what is the 1st thing i should look for?

  6. Does molly make you want to chew on something alot ? And im going to a rave on saturday and i would like to know if its bad to wear glasses like shades inside of the rave.

  7. Yes! Bring gum, I prefer bubble yum or the double bubble with the gooey filling. So delish! Shades are optional, depends on if the lights get to intense for you or not. Always good to have just in case, also good for when leaving so “normal” people outside the rave cant see your dime size pupils lol.

  8. Can a cop arrest you if he sees your dime sized pupils? Ive always wondered that lol

    • No way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. what does good molly look like v.s bunk molly?

    • Molly kind of has tint to it and it doesn’t stick to the capsule. That’s probably the main thing to look for. If you open the capsule and it’s sticking to the top, or if it’s just white it is probably coke or codeine. Also, taste a little bit of it before you pop it. The more bitter it tastes, the better the molly.

  10. No they cannot. Now if you were operating a vehicle you could be lookin at a possible DUI.

  11. look this site has a lot of good info but for the love of god stop saying rolls, when u ask some one for a roll, that is not .2 of molly, that is an ex pill. the sunglasses thing, i all ways tell ppl that when ur going to a rave,every one there including cops and security guards knows that every one is on drugs. so they are don’t care. that is how the club/music hall make their money. cuz if ppl wernt on drugs they wouldnt make much money

  12. how do i find a real rave ? ive always wanted to go but no matter how hard i look i cant find the right ppl to point me in the right direction

  13. The fact that this site encourage people to take it is bad enough. I’m a square because I don’t do drugs and I’m fine with that. You should be ashamed of yourself

  14. y r u on this sight then? and who the fuck r u to judge people yur a sinner to go fuck yur self

  15. hey square person are you mother molly. get off the site if you don’t like it.. this is called free speech , it is one of our rights

  16. “As a general rule, if you dont want everyone to know your on drugs, turn your phone off. This will help you avoid telling everyone on your contact list that you love them randomly at 3am.” lmfao im forever doing this

  17. I live in Indiana Where do they have raves

    • Check out Electric Forest! It is in Michigan but well worth the drive!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. We are definitely in the brave new world. Chemicals will fix what is wrong with our souls. The message is constantly blasted across the TV screen. “Ask your doctor (or drug dealer if you don’t have the cash) about….(name the poison)”

    If you are tempted to join this culture, run away as fast as you can….join the merchant marine or join a kibbutz…anything to avoid ending the life God gave you by these criminals who want to sell your their poisons and make is sound cool or glamorous.

  19. Okay I get it you want to be so cool and not left behind or out of the in group. Let me ask you how cool are you going to be when your dead?? How much are your friends or supposive friends gonna miss you?? Yeah, I get it your invincible, you cannot die. How ’bout you ask a father or mother who has lost their son or daughter to this drug. Quite frankly I don’t care if you use it that is the thing about free will. We will probably never meet. I do however care if you live or die because you have so much more to offer in this life why waste your God given talents on this crap. Like I said I get it you want to be cool, you don’t want to feel left out. You will however be left out once your dead. You will be left out of so many great things in life and for what?? I think a person who can find themselves without drugs, without inhabitions thru drugs are the most interesting to know for they have the most to offer. Besides ask anyone who takes anti-depessants if they want to be one them they’ll say no or there is nothing wrong with me and you want to put this in your body your nuts and need more help then the person already on this drug. I am by far the most imperfect person you’ll find. I will however be honest with you for someone has to be.

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