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5 LSD Myths

Myth #1: When you ingest LSD, it never leaves your body

Since LSD is an “unstable drug” meaning that it is released easily into the body and passes through very quickly makes people think it stays inside your body.

This myth has spread for centuries by a wide range of people. People who are against LSD and users both believe this to be true.

They believe that after consuming LSD that it will be stored by the body in the spinal fluid where it never leaves. They also believe that it can be released back into the body at any moment, forcing an individual into an overwhelming trip.

It’s true that people experience flashbacks but this is the result of memories and nothing more.

That being said, LSD is not stored in the spinal fluid or anywhere else in the body.

Myth #2: If You Want To Stop a Trip, Take Vitamin C or Orange Juice

People who are inexperienced with taking LSD believe this to be true and hear rumors of ways to stop the trip whenever they please.

They even go further to say that even just a few sips of orange juice could stop your trip altogether.

This is absolutely false. Once LSD enters your brain, your body has metabolized the drug once your trip starts. So what the orange juice can simply do is give you a boost of energy and make you feel revitalized or it could also just be a placebo effect.

Myth#3: LSD May Cause Birth Defects and Damage Chromosomes

This myth dates all the way back to 1967 when short research was published by Science, a reputable journal at the time. They claimed that LSD causes abnormal chromosomes.

This is where the term “birth defect” was born. This statement created fear towards users who once loved the drug.

Numerous studies found this statement to be inaccurate. Other studies have proven that pure LSD in moderate doses will not cause any genetic damage.

Myth#4: LSD Will Make You Crazy

This is one of the most common myths among people. Many people believe that LSD will make users go crazy and that they will end up having a mental illness as a result.

  • If I do LSD, I’ll go crazy and jump out of a 20th story window
  • If I do LSD more than once or twice, I’ll become psychologically insane and never function as a normal human being

LSD does cause mental hallucinations and does produce acute behavioral effects. However, these effects are not long term and typically relates to how much was ingested.

Moreover, a lot of people have taken LSD without believing that they can fly.

Myth#5: LSD is Extremely Dangerous For You and Society

This misconception as a uniquely destructive narcotic has to do with the impressive and deeply affecting hallucinations and changes of perception, and among others.

Compared to alcohol and tobacco, LSD is the least harmful drug in the market.

An individual who drinks regularly will most likely get into an accident than someone on LSD who pays attention to their surroundings.

A smoker will most likely end up with cancer than someone who regularly takes LSD.

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