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Why You Should Test Your MDMA Before Ingesting

The question most people ask is that “Is it bad to take MDMA?” but the fact is that all drugs cause’ one damage or the other – from penicillin to methamphetamine. It’s difficult to assume “X is bad” and “Y is not bad” it’s just a proportion of less bad to more bad. When done right, MDMA is definitely on the less bad side. MDMA poses the high risk to one’s health when not done properly. It’s hard to get pure MDMA causing people to ingest other compounds such as PMMA sold as MDMA.

Two people have died, and at least three became critically ill during the first few days at the Electric Zoo music festival. Although, the causes of death have not yet been established, both diagnosed to have been involved with MDMA .

There might be a problem with the above statement. Firstly, if these people had a reasonable amount of water and were consuming pure MDMA, the possibility of them becoming ill is slim. Secondly, MDMA is commonly mistaken for MOLLY or ECSTASY. Molly is confined in a gelatin capsule rather than a pressed pill. Therefore buying Molly does not mean you are purchasing pure MDMA. Just because it’s in powder form does not mean it is pure MDMA. It is so unfortunate that when people fight to get something, they will end up settling for the substance they are less sure is pure.

Molly: the powdery form of MDMA. It is not a pure form of MDMA. MDMA: the actual substance people are after when buying ecstasy or molly. And because you are told it is MDMA does not make it pure MDMA. It still needs to be testedEcstasy: a pill that contains MDMA and other stimulants for extra high and perseverance.

There is the risk in taking MDMA resulting in serotonin receptors or neurotoxicity with overuse. It is a lot safer to take MDMA provided you have tested your shit. This is why we strongly urge people to buy an MDMA test kit before ingesting the unknown substances.

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