Festival Key FOB Stash Hidden Compartment
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Festival Key FOB Stash Hidden Compartment

The WIMSCILABS Stash FOB Keeps your essentials safe and away from pesky festival security. Use it to hold your medication, jewelry, spare cash etc where no one will ever suspect.

Every order comes with the following:

  • Resealable .5″x.5″ Baggies
  • Resealable 1″x1″ Baggies
  • Waterproof Snap Cap Vial .5ml
  • Size 3 Gel Caps
  • Size 0 Gel Caps
  • Promotional items (Varies each season)

Keep it on your keys so it’s always with you. Flip out key feature is great for handling party favors. Specifically designed for music festivals, clubs, bars, trips, outings and day-to-day life.

All Stash FOB orders are shipped dissembled for easy first time usage. 24/7 Customer support available for assembly instructions if needed. We are here to help!

DISCLAIMER: This product will not start your car; however it potentially will help get the party started*


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