Clean your system out!

The detection periods for MDMA are very close to those for amphetamines.

Though Molly is not specifically tested for in the standard ‘NIDA-5″ drug tests, it is closely enough related to amphetamines that recent Molly users have been testing positive in both amphetamines and Meth.

Another important fact is that the majority of Molly is not pure MDMA and frequently includes amphetamines. Which is definitely why you should get a MDMA Testing Kit before you consume it!

How long does Ecstasy stay in your system?
As a general guideline for MDMA, the detection period is about 3 days or so.

MDMA is water soluble so if you exercise, and drink plenty of water etc…, you can increase the excretion rate.

There are literally tons of determining factors that nay affect your metabolism so you can never really say exactly how long Molly will stay in your body.

This is why if you want to be absolutely certain that you will not show a negative result for a urine test, you must help your body rid itself of all traces of the substance.

The easiest and most affordable way to do this and keep your peace of mind is by ordering a Powerfully Effective 7 Day Total-body Cleanse.

Using an all natural and safe product like this, should put to rest any possibility of testing positive for Molly.



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Y’all some Hype’s

Sobriety is a good thing. Anything you put into your brain/body has a consequence:

Granted, you put a source from a government website. The same government that puts people in cages for non violent crimes and for simply attempting to explore their own consciousness.

I am currently in the hospital with my 18 year old who consumed Molly for the first time. This is one of the scariest things I have seen. Please be smart. DO NOT risk it!!’

Aw sorry to hear! Hope everything turns out okay! :)

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